The Stand-In (2022)

Review by Lightfury
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gracie was sexually harassed by her boss. Before the boss fired her, her boss tried to make her give in to his desire in order to stay in the company. She has a mother whom she wishes to give her the best care but couldn't afford

Wei Fangli, who is suffering and needed a break. Hired Gracie to be her stand-in.
Sam Yao, best friend of Fangli and later fell in love with Gracie.

To others they might be interested in the love line between Gracie & Sam, because we all have a thing, a fantasy, the artist that we chased will end up as our partner. (Sam's a hero for helping Gracie with her ex-boss) However, I am more interested in the relationship between Gracie and Fangli. Although Gracie was hired, she sincerely cares for the welfare of Fangli. She became friends with her. She managed to get her help indirectly.

Things went south when she overheard the conversation between Fangli and Sam on Gracie being her double was tipped off, and Gracie assumed they are talking about her and she decided to pack up and leave. 

I love Gracie's character, she has the personality of one that snaps the others out of their comfort zone. This makes it fun to read because Fangli & Sam do not have the freedom that we all have and Gracie getting them to experience what's that like, was something else. And it also helps that they are not in their native country.

I gave this a 4 star because I would like to have the POV of Fangli and Sam but I guess, it's also unnecessary. Lastly, I actually google the existence of EPPY, the organisation app that Gracie works on, disappointed. 


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