Beautiful World, Where Are You (2021)

By LightFury
My rating: 1 of 5 stars
Progress: 27%  (Did not finish)

I reached for this book because of Jack Edwards's intro and I'm not too fond of it. 
Generally, it's monotonous and it doesn't bring you any feelings for either of the characters. 

Firstly, I don't enjoy reading their conversation when it's like this:
Eileen: home safe? 
Simon: Yes, was just about to text you 
Simon: I may have brought you a present 
Eileen: really?? 
Simon: You’ll be glad to know the shop on the ferry was doing a special offer on duty free Toblerone 
Simon: Are you doing anything tomorrow night? 
Eileen: actually yes for once... 
Eileen: darach is having a birthday thing, sorry 
Simon: Ah ok 
Simon: Can I see you during the week then? 
Eileen: yes please 
I mean, does it has to be in sentencing instead of the paragraph? And, the couple's conversation doesn't excite anyone, it's dead like no one is keeping the conversation alive but just for the sake of replying.
They got into bed. She drank some of the water from her glass and then lay down on her side. For a few minutes they were still and silent. She looked over at him but he was turned away from her, only the back of his head and his shoulder dimly visible. Will you hold me? she asked. For a moment he hesitated, as if to say something, but then he turned over and put his arm around her, murmuring: Here, of course.
And then there are more permissions asked & conversations before the real deed happened. I can accept it when it's just one of them and the other is trying to make it less dead, but both of them just seem uninterested in whatever they are about to do. I would rather they just don't do it since they are not interested. 

In conclusion, if they are not interested, I'm also not interested in this book and will not be finishing it.


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