The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (2005)

Review by Lightfury
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

One of the stars is for the audiobook which was EXCEPTIONAL. {I have this habit of reading the book along with an audiobook(if it’s available)} Anyways, I feel like I’m listening to a drama, it’s not just someone reading as it is, the radio dialogue sounds exactly as it is and it even comes with short eerie music breaks which makes it scarier.

And now for the book, no idea what’s going on with the baseball because I know nothing about it. Tom Gordon who plays baseball is Trisha’s dream guy who spiritually supports her, giving her the power of staying positive.

I feel like I’m given tiny lessons, which I will definitely not get myself into the situation, on how to survive the dark eerie wet woods. I get how tough is it for one to be in the woods for days, alone and she’s just 10. I was expecting something more, something that will scare me but it fall short. The descriptives are very well written, it seems to keep me in suspense, if it’s written by others I’m pretty sure I will not finish it because it’s the same set every day, trees, branches, bugs and streams.

I don’t know if it’s because my expectation for Stephen King is too high (when it comes to books, no one fails to mention his name) or I just have been reading the not-so-good books from him. Throw good books of his at me if you know of any!


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