Manic Monday, Inc. (2021)

Review by Lightfury
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I love that the book is made up of 50 mini-chapters, it makes the book seems shorter than actual. 

Nichole has been diagnosed with OCD. She constantly feels the need to be needed and valued. 
There's some romance going on but it's nothing too much. Mostly revolve around her friends whom she gets to know while her dad was going through cancer therapy. They have been each other support system since then but as everyone seems to move on, she's stuck. 

This is a pretty good read as it gives you an insight into how one with OCD might behave and who knows, you might have someone near you that you have failed to notice, needing company, a listening ear. 

Anyway, this book is totally fine on its own even though it's part of a series and it would make a good book club book. (It comes with discussion questions at the end of the book)


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