Blackforest - My Freedom (还我自由 )

 After catching The Days (岁月), the amazing illustrations that went along with it and the music was etched really close to my heart. We started with a moment of tranquility, that plays across the intro of the electric guitar as you could hear the white noise of the forest juxtaposing black forest's music that contrasts together for abit before fading out.

Titled My Freedom (还我自由 ), the Chinese actually translates to return me my freedom, which is really apt with the movie. This song have a touch of punk rock when you could see the electric guitar taking the spotlight on numerous occasion. The bass and the drums does churn up alot of energy as this amazing band was literally trashing it out in the forest (much like their band name).

To add on to the pun, this is one of the unsung heroes where I hope their songs would be heard. To this day, I'm still shamelessly promoting 岁月, and their ending song. I really love the graphics and illustration made in the movie so much that I decided to share it!

Perhaps it's a movie about blood and brother, and how I could it with my biological brother and we both fell in love with this and how it adds on another depth of connection between us. We have a complex yet deep relationship, from unspoken understanding to being awkward brothers, he's someone I'll always hold deep in my heart.

The Days Sui Yue Boy Kwong Film Art Style Gangster

The guitar solo is something that I'll never forget and it's rare of me to fall in love with something of such intense beats considering I'm more towards the mellow fellow who looks out the window on a rainy day with melancholic playing in the bacground.



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