Me Before You (2012)

Review by Lightfury
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was browsing the library shelves and this title caught my attention. Then a friend of mine told me the movie was good, so I decided to pick up this book, with the intention to read then followed by the movie. I mean a book tends to be better than the movie right, therefore I didn't just go straight for the movie. 

Anyway, this book is undeniable well written with the concept of Will fixing his idea of getting _______ and everybody's reaction to his idea differs. This is definitely a topic that is rarely being brought up and discussed among family and peers. I get why Will chose to go for it and if I were him I would because I wouldn't want to suffer for a long period of time and be a burden to my loved ones. 

Background: He is a quadriplegic with no real hope of recovery (he got into an unfortunate accident) and once in a while, he will have to go through pains and he needs to have someone by his side to help with his needs. 

I read most of the reviews and mostly all stated that they cried but for one who cries pretty easily, this didn't hit the spot. I guess it's because I supported Will, I am willing to let him go, giving him his release.


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