The Paris Apartment (2022)

Review by Lightfury
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I can get why some chose to give up the book halfway. The first half of the book was slow and dry, almost sounded dead. However, with each chapter, you learn a bit more about their relationship with Ben and how everybody seems to have the motive to kill him.

It really does get better when you're halfway through, stories and secrets unfolded. Complicated ties. Scandalous. I am pretty shocked by the twist of the events. I was extremely into the character of Mimi.

Personally, I cannot get it out of my head that his sister, Jess, chose to do the investigation herself instead of going to the police (it just doesn't make sense in reality) because it's so dangerous, you can feel each individual have something against her, she is not welcomed. However, this shows that she is strong-minded, fearless, and reckless. She has lost all her family and her job, what's more does she have to lose? I was a bit disappointed that there was no follow-up on what happened to Theo.

Lastly, I kept guessing that the daughter of Sophie might be Concierge's granddaughter, or did I missed the details?


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