Next Gen


I'm writing as tears are still streaming down fresh across my face. I'm trying to recollect my thoughts and write things down but... It is really hard to pinpoint why.

*potential spoiler alert*

I caught onto this show when it was being recommended to me by Netflix. It have been sitting on my list collecting dust for abit before I got to watch it today.

Maybe I'm romancising abit, but 7723 reminds me of... me. I teared everytime he's on the screen. Alittle part of me died knowing he's on a countdown. I can't help but feel that tinge of sadness, possibly because I'm like that as well... and maybe I am really bad at expressing myself, so nobody knows. I love her like the most precious thing in the world, but she'll never know. This is probably my typical story board as I'll always recount our times together even after she leaves. I'll hold onto the memories, both good and bad because it keeps her alive in my heart, my head, and it... made us real.

Watching him stay in the garage reminds me alittle of bumblebee, but ultimate reminds me of how I'll thinking about us as I teared to sleep. I don't want to let go... I can't... I'm a hoarder, and the hoarder in me... relates so badly to him, when he's choosing which memories to keep.

The storyline's okay, predictable but the whole concept and the emotions that evoked in me makes this movie special on a whole new level for me. It made me felt like how it was like when I was battling depression and suicidal thoughts alone, while I cried to sleep. There's so many things that I don't tell anyone, and perhaps it is because of all these bottled up emotions that releases the flood gate of my eyes. I was... crying so hard, and I don't even exactly know when...

In the second arc of the movie, I think the scene hits me the most when 7723 was looking at all the memories and he hugged them all with a smile, the good adn the bad, like something precious. That got me, big time. The floodgates came prouding out from my eyes. It's sad to see someone doing what I do, the hopeless romantic in my, hugging all the memories that makes me... me. The good and the bad from my relationships. I always lives in the past... and it... hurts sometimes.

It is arguable that he is not adn never would be the same anymore. But for the sake of simplicity and this being a "family-friendly" show, we are given an "at least he's still around". I'll however always remember this movie, as the one that made me cried... alongside with 2 others which unlocked my floodgate for my tears for good.


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