Zima Blue

I was introduced to Love, Death, and Robots various time and hearing that it has similar concepts to Black Mirror, I jumped right in.

So this series isn’t in any order as the episodes are merely numbers. Each episode is its own short stories of its own or you can consider it to be a short film. There are also several art styles, universes created and I’m sure it’ll open your eyes to this whole new multiverse under this series.

Alongside with Sonnie’s Edge, the Witness, what really caught my eye is Zima Blue.

*Below are just my musing about Zima Blue*
*Skip if you wanna avoid potential spoilers*

I think it’s a great story, a beautiful one even. Maybe I was suicidal so I could relate in some sense. Like him, I couldn’t be happy or rather find true happiness.

Like how he is always searching, exploring the great cosmo. Maybe most of us could find the “search” relatable because as a race, species, philosophers and psychologist would say we would always be finding something to make us happy. Like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. We constantly would need to move up the pyramid because we are humans, we seek truth, purpose, happiness, and hopefully enlightenment. And on some occasion, we seek closure.

From this show, I find some inner peace, from the very words that spoke to me, “Mono no Aware”, to seek beauty in end, and also how I wish I could find happiness just by being me. I wish I could also become a “pool cleaner” and just be happy by cleaning the mere tiles.

However, over the years I have learned to be happy... A little maybe. As much as those who know I’m not exactly happy back here under the eyes of social stigma.

Maybe my “Zima Blue” is Traveling. I love traveling because I could be who I want to be, instead of who I should be. I could openly love arts, speak what’s on my mind, express myself, with nothing holding me back. Just the mere experience of freedom is priceless enough to keep me alive.

Maybe because I’m more complex, there are a lot of issues, stories that bought me here to this present universe.

All that aside, the art was a really neat bonus. As a self proclaim painter myself, I love acrylic painting and one of my favorite works are galaxy paintings.

If any of you people are looking for Zima Blue’s wallpaper, you are in luck! The amazing community from Reddit have bought together several artworks from Zima and here are some of them that I’ll love to share with you.

Here is to Zima.

And may we all find our Zima Blue of pure, simple happiness.


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