The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (2017)

By LightFury

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book club reading material, I don't see anyone mentioning it. It even includes questions at the end of the book to be discussed during book club, if only I knew this earlier, I would have had the chance to introduce it to my book club, or maybe not because one of them had read it. Anyways..

I love how this book is written. How's one moment it's the writer's life and the next moment it's the memoir of Evelyn Hugo, I never expect the transition to be so smooth. I'm also surprised that it's easy to read because it's filled with so much information. I just find myself flipping to know more about Evelyn Hugo.

It touches on a few topics like racism, domestic violence, bisexual/gay/lesbian, and grief. It shows how one uses the power of manipulation, the power to do what it takes to protect the people they love, to fight for what they want, to reach their goals.

Personally, I feel that it shines the light on how LGBTQ+ is frowned upon in her times and makes do with it, in her way, eventually.

Lastly, Confession: I know that this book is purely Fiction but I did have the temptation to google about her and the movies mentioned because everything sounds so real, and this is what makes this book worthy of 5 stars.. 


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