Gwendy's Button Box (Trilogy)

My rating: 4/5

This book has a way to keep you flipping for answers, which I do hope eventually there are answers by the end of the series.

A pandora box in a modern world filled with endless tiny temptations that keep you going back, reminding you of its very existence. The box is at your command, anything.

My favourite part actually involves a bully. This particular incident really shows the impossible.

It's interesting, fascinating and exciting.

My rating: 1/5

Comparing this with the first book, this wasn’t what I would expect.

We all know that Gwendy is now a grownup and a responsible being. The temptations given are not tempting enough other than the one that involves her family member because I would do the same.

The crime, I think that should have been something that the police should be able to solve by themselves.

This book is disappointing. It’s not strong enough to pull my temptations, to wish that she would just use the box.

My rating: 4/5

Personally, this is my favourite of the lot because somehow, I did end up in some tears.

I am disappointed that it didn't give me the answers that I was looking for and it gives me even more questions with no answers instead. Not pleased about it but maybe that's the fantasy of it. I do not read enough to know if all fantasy carries no answers. And then there are the political parts which I'm not that interested in.

I like the mention of coronavirus, I don't think this matters but it kinda made it relatable. I never expect myself to be interested in the details of the spaceship setting off into the Outerspace. The short battle is just enough to get me worried.

Lastly, I am glad that I pick up this last book despite the previous one being so bad. By the end of the journey with Gwendys, I feel myself having an attachment to her unknowingly. 

Review by Lightfury


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