I Owe You One (2019)

By LightFury

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

If only the build-up is shorter.

For more than half of the book, it's mostly about Fixie's relationship with Ryan and I'm totally not into it because Ryan is the guy that all girls should keep a distance from at all cost. I know how some people fail to see the bad in people while they are in love (fortunately I am not one of them) and it took her 12 chapters to realize what kind of a guy Ryan is.

“Have I been the biggest, stupidest fool in the world? Did I want the famous Ryan Chalker so badly, I blinded myself to the facts?” Yes & Yes.

That brother of hers is just as blinded as she is. I get that he is obnoxious but why would her brother not warn his sister or get Ryan to back off. Ain’t they best friend, the brother should know Ryan well enough to know that he is using her.

I only enjoyed the book from chapter 18 onwards. I felt a sense of relief as this is where my interest picked up, and things started to change to the way I would expect them to be and I am finally let in into the stories of each individual but it's not enough.

Well, this is a book I would not recommend to my friends and if someone asks for my opinion, I would say, 'who knows, maybe it's your kind of book.'


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