Never Let Me Go (2010)


Review by Lightfury

If it wasn’t for book club, I wouldn’t complete this book.

Personally, I’m not a fan of science and dystopia as I find it hard to relate to and also after reading so many books, I realised I am are more into books that are filled with feelings and emotions.

With that being said, the start of the book leaves me confused, there’s a lot that I can’t seem to understand and I thank Lycando for answering my questions. If you’re interested, here are my questions and answers:

- Setting & concept of Never Let Me Go
- the place they are in & what exactly is happening
- What’s with carer and donations
- they are living in England in 1990s, but it's a reimagined 1990s, so like a fictitious version of it
- It's like boarding school for them, except they are in a school that grooms them for their future
- they are meant to donate their organs to the rest of human society once they reach a certain age
- but they also have the option to act as a 'carer', someone who will take care of the people who donate their organs

Q: are they chosen?
A: they do not talk explicitly about the donation process itself
Q: any mention of their parents?
A: they are clones ; that is where the dystopian part comes in
Q: does their education affects their position as donors?
A: this one you read to find out, but short answer is no

For the most part of the story, it focuses on 3 people: Kathy, Ruth & Tommy. Mostly on their friendships and events from their growing up process. In this portion, I feel that it was very draggy and I lost interest in the book.

I only pick up my speed of reading in the last few chapters because it’s where you finally understand the whole system around it. 

I will rate this a 2 out of 5. 
If it include fluctuation in feelings & emotions and was less draggy, I would have rated it higher.


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