Furiously Happy (2015)

Review by Lightfury

These screenshots are what I have shared on my IG and I think it's enough to show you a glimpse of Jenny Lawson craziness and part of what this book is about.

I know not all will be interested in how she writes as it's filled with random ridiculous moments and statements but that's what made her stand out from the sea of authors and books. 

There are some parts where I just don't get what she's trying to say but it's so ridiculous that I kept on reading because it's interesting how she looks at certain things, like risotto. That's why I love her.

You should totally read her books if you're interested in learning more about how people with mental health goes through their life and how those who are more fortunate can help them, without being killed by boredom like most books. 

In this book, she also noted down her Sleep Study experience which confirmed that she had multiple sleep disorders and a few other emergencies.

I have already forgotten what I have written previously for her Broken (In The Best Possible Way), but if it's similar, that's just the way she is.


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