Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong

Three Egg Chawanmushi 

This three egg chawanmushi is made with lala broth, egg, century egg, ikura and squid ink. At first glance, it looks really inviting as the ikura is such a stark contrast on top of this pool of pure black magic. Topped with a generous amount of squid ink, the chawanmushi arrived with such a glisten and a taste bomb to die for! When you eat all 3 components together, one might think it’s too salty, but after a while you get used to it. It’s the freshness of each ingredient you’re tasting rather than saltiness.

Seafood Glacé Risotto 

This is not your traditional risotto as the rice is not made with arborio rice, IT IS BARLEY. The barley rice is a nice bite! The flashed squid and seared prawns provides a nice sweet undertone and helps with the more strong flavours from the garlic, chili and tea tree mushroom.

Seabass Puttanesca

Made with long ribbons of tagliatelle pasta, roasted seabass fillet, capers, anchovies, powdered black olives, pickled starfruit and momotaro tomatoes, I can see why this dish was added into the menu recently. The star of this dish, roasted seabass fillet, was not seasoned at all and it didn’t need seasoning! It was soaked overnight in a brine and that bath is all it needs. The combination of sweet and salty with a hint of sourness from the picked starfruit all go so well together! Every bite just brought a smile to my face 🙂

LGM Mee Hoon Kueh 

The only vegetarian dish on the menu! This is not your usual boiled mee hoon kueh! The mee hoon kueh here is fried with a beautiful char that provides a nice crunch. This dish is definitely not for the faint hearted as the chili oil paste really packs a punch!

Top - Shimeji fries with brown butter shoyu mayo 

The fried shimeji dipped in the brown butter shoyu mayo is an amazing side dish to have along side all the seafood dishes. DO NOT SKIP OUT ON THE BROWN BUTTER! It’s so so so good

Bottom - Smoked Seabass Pate

The seabass pate is smoked to perfection and creates a wonderful symphony when eaten with the sourdough bread, picked garlic shoots and caramelised onions! The picture does not do justice to the bread. Out of everything I ate there, the sourdough bread is my top fave. Just trust me on this

One of their desserts of the week - blue pea lavender panna cotta with orange meringue and candied orange

Yo this panna cotta is so good. My spoon just slid down it so smoothly. The panna cotta is surrounded by jasmine green tea. The green tea is a great palate cleanser! Or you can just eat it together with the panna cotta! I tried both ways and I can’t decide between the two hehe

 The second dessert of the week - Raspberry Clafoutis 

The clafoutis comes on top of a sweet coconut cream with raspberry and lime jellies scattered around. If you think this flan like dessert is too sweet on its own, try it with the lime jelly! The sweet and sour taste is a nice balance compared to what might seem like an overly sweet bite with the clafoutis and coconut cream.

All of the dishes I posted are from Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong! They have their own seafood farm so all the seafood is gathered locally! I can see why they are so confident about their seafood! Everything is so fresh and delectable

Review by Hafelah


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