Broken (In the Best Possible Way) (2021)

Review by Lightfury

I love love love this book. 
(do expect a lot of nonsense in this book) 

There are parts that cracked me up and I cannot imagine someone who had multiple mental health issues and disorders can still be quirky and witty. I am a very straight and dull person (but I love to laugh) and it's impossible for me to come up with nonsense. 

This is a very personal book, it's almost like you're reading her blog and I appreciate her openness. I learnt more about mental health and there's even a treatment for anxiety and depression that involve magnets (transcranial magnetic stimulation) which she wrote down her experience. 

She even enclosed An Open Letter to My Health Insurance Company, which she did send it to the Company. In this letter, you will come to know her struggles in making decisions for her health because the insurance is not as helpful as she would love it to be. 

When you feel the need to find light in your life, pick up this book. 
"Sometimes the people you love leave you even when they don’t want to and you shatter into pieces. You may not be able to find all of those pieces again because when they left they took a few with them. It hurts, but the pain eventually becomes bearable and even sacred because it’s how you carry the people you’ve lost with you. And if you’re lucky you can one day see that the hollow spots you carry are in the shape of their face or their hands or the love they gave you. Those holes ache, but they are a monument to the lost, a traveling sacred place to honor them and remind you of how to love enough to leave your own marks on others."

PS: I actually have this book review scheduled on my birthday ☺


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