It’s Not Like It’s a Secret

A Review by Lightfury

It has been a long while since I wrote a book review cause I was reading Little Women before this and it took me a longgggggg time, because I’m not interested in the content but I do it for the book challenge. There will be no review from me as the book is not my kind of book, therefore I’m in no position to give a review.

Anyway, I picked up this book for my book challenge: a book with an LGBTQ+ main character.

I am surprised that the theme of the book is Racism instead LGBTQ+, like I would like to understand more in depth of the difficulties of being them. Even the mention of racism is pretty much on the surface, like the stereotypes for each race.

Relationship wise, I don’t exactly feel the bond between the couple. I do enjoy reading the relationship she have with her mum, cause is pretty the same to mine and there’s a twist of event relating to her dad’s affair which I think can be do without.

This book is simply touch and go on every topic. Up till here, I will give it a 2 out of 5 stars.

I will give an additional star for the insert of poems, the author’s thoughts and understanding of the poems. From this I actually learnt how to appreciate a poem more, like how to explore word by word or as a sentence could affect the interpretation on the poems.

If you are looking for one easy read, this book is for you.


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