The Kiss Quotient (2021) (M18)

This is a review of a trilogy. The stories are not linked despite either partner of the 3 relationships being related. Circling Romance, with either one of the partners being autistic and how the other partner deals with their autism partner. 

These 3 books contain explicit cotent but the 1st book, The Kiss Quotient, is purely explicit.

The Kiss Quotient, an autistic woman wanting to learn how to pleasure men in general even though she does not enjoy it, resulting in her hiring a professional.

The Bride Test, the groom has no feelings and he avoids relationships. Therefore, his mother takes matters into her own hands and returns to Vietnam to find him the perfect bride. The story evolves when the bride stays with the groom.

The Heart Principle, a Cantonese woman who has no idea what made her behave the way she did with certain things and the stress she experience due expectation from her family. As for the guy, he lost confidence due to medical reasons and he is trying to overcome his insecurity.

These books allow me to learn more about people who are autistic, their feelings, their habits and how they react to different events. The love they have are intense and it’s developed over time, it’s not those love at first sight which is so basic.

My personal favourite is The Heart Principle. The struggles on both and how they overcome them is endearing.


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