Shopaholic to the Stars (2014)

 I have always been interested in visiting LA, Hollywood, where all the glamorous thing happen. I have all grown up watching movies, series, variety shows and I am sure you are as interested in the behind the scenes (BTS) like literally how things work in Hollywood and not just BTS of whatever we have watched and this book gives a pretty good insight of how pretentious things can be.

She aspires to make it big in Hollywood, that's her end goal. She got caught up with all the fame and it affected her personal life, what's new.

Suze is spending more time with Alicia, who previously tried to destroy Becky and Luke's life and Becky isn't happy with it. You can't blame it on Suze cause Becky didn't make the effort to care for Suze when she needs her the most.  Suze's husband, Tarkie, is MIA together with Becky's dad and Becky have no clue where they are headed, Becky's supposed to find out from her Dad but she is too carried away with stardom.

She thought she had made it, but it turns out people are just using her as a stepping stone to making it. She thought she was friends with the stars.

However, Luke and Elinor's relationship did improve. They are making small steps to have each other back into their life, this credit has to go to Becky.

Eventually, Becky did realise her family and friends are more important to her but that only happened when she finally knows that no one take interest in her, they called her Betty.

In the next book, Becky, Luke, Suze and Alicia are making a trip to Las Vegas to look for Becky's Dad and Tarkie.

‘Your dad had some mission and he asked Tarkie to help him carry it out. And Tarkie asked Bryce to come with them. Bryce! Alicia reckons he’s just after our money. He wants to set up some rival centre, and he’s going to brainwash Tarkie into funding it, and we have no idea where they’ve gone …’


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