Shopaholic to the Rescue (2015)

Can I say, this is the best of the series?! You know this is the book when you read this while you're bathing (glad that mine's an ebook, so it's the phone that I bring with me instead) and it also brought tears to my eyes.

The gang is currently on a road trip looking for Becky's Dad & Tarkie. Becky's Dad contacted the gang but he kept leaving out details on what he is up to and everybody is worried. Suze is cutting off Becky even though they are all in the RV together and Becky is devastated.  This is also the book that she spent/ shop the least, so you don't have to be turned off by how frustrating is it. Instead, you will see how Becky struggles to win back Suze and tries her best to figure things out.

The writer also took reference from Ocean Eleven's though I never watch this movie myself, I can see they are immersed with their roleplay. Why do they need to roleplay, you might think, well, that's for you to find out too


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