Shopaholic Ties the Knot (2002)

In this series, Becky and Luke are finally getting married.

Becky got into the situation of having 2 weddings happening on the same day, New York and London.

In New York, she’s having this fantasy wedding, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ theme, with the help to a wedding planner (introduced by Elinor, Luke’s mum). If she pulls out during the contract period will result in a hefty payout.

Happening at the Plaza, have trees flown in and doves. It’s the complete dream wedding that all girls would love to have.

In London, she’s having this backyard wedding, planned by her mum. It’s her birth country, it’s where all the people she loves so much is in.

She needs to make a decision. Fast and Quick.

Additionally, Luke found out his mum does not love him at all. When he was young, he actually went looking for his mum but his mum ignored him even though she knows what he looked like despite having abandoned him when he is young.

He always thought he got ignored because she couldn’t recognize him.

He’s depressed. He lost his motivation at work because he have been working to prove to his mum that he have made it. But.. How will this affect his work and the wedding?

Suze, Becky’s best friend, is married and pregnant. What happens after having to shout at Becky to call off one side of the party?

It’s the same old Becky that leaves you frustrated. She can’t make up her mind, there’s something in both weddings that she wants. She does not have the courage to call off because she’s afraid of the consequences. So will she have to attend 2 weddings? How does it happen?

Sometimes you just find her lucky that things just work out eventually. She’s lucky she gets a husband who can tolerate the way she spends. It keeps me thinking, what exactly does Luke sees in her?


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