Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (2002)

I trust that you have done reading Confessions of a Shopaholic and you're now on the next book of the series. In case you're not sure of the flow of the series, I will leave it at the end of this review.
So in the last book, she manages to get back on track but that's not the end of it. I thought because of what she've gone through in the first book, she would be more cautious of her spending but no.
In this book, her boyfriend, Luke, suggests going to New York because he is expanding his business there and he even arrange meetings for Rebecca (Becky) - job opportunities - in New York. Luke is looking at expanding his business in NY is because his mum (who abandon him when he was young) is in NY and he is trying his best to show results to earn love from his mum but his mum is not expressing any interest in him.
For Becky, just as her meetings were getting somewhere, her spending habits & debts got on national news, it does not affect just her, it affects her boyfriend expanding plan, investors are pulling out but is it really because of her?

When her life was crushed in New York, she returned to London and realised a staff of Luke's is sabotaging his Company in London. A staff that Luke trust and even place his company in the care of.

However, Becky is not on talking terms with Luke at the moment, so how can Becky inform Luke about what's happening in his Company - which is the real reason why the New York expansion is not going smoothly. Will Becky ends up with Luke again or is it really over?

In conclusion, what happens in Book 1 is repeating in this book, she overspends and back in denial and because of her spending it causes all these problems, even though it turns out that someone is causing it to be worse than it already is.

I am feeling frustrated because you would expect her to change for the better. At a few points in time, I really do feel like putting the book down and moved on but because it's a series, so I just pulled it through with all my might as I am interested to know, will she ever change?

Additionally, I love reading the letters that Becky received. It really makes me feel like I'm snooping into her personal life.


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