Shopaholic & Baby (2007)

How would you feel if your obstetrician is your husband's ex-girlfriend and she is obsessed with your husband but your husband tells you, there is nothing between them, would you trust him? Would you hire a PI to follow your husband?

So Becky is finally having the baby, but they do not want to know the gender of the baby, really? They have also sold their house as they want to move into a bigger place and it being baby-friendly, however, things happened and they ended up at the Bloomwood's place eventually.

Becky changed her original obstetrician to a celebrity obstetrician, which turns out to be Luke's ex-girlfriend. And one day she said this, "He really doesn’t want to hurt you.” Venetia leans closer, and I get a sickening waft of Allure. “As he keeps saying…he made a mistake. Pure and simple. He married the wrong person. But that’s not your fault.”

Jess is now on good terms with Becky and is encouraging her to use second-hand items or DIY stuff instead of buying.

Luke is having a hard time dealing with one of his clients, Lain Walker. Turn of events - They found out, Venetia has a part in it too.

I'm choosing to ignore the shopaholic side of Becky and focus on the other details that kept me turning the pages. I think for the shopaholic side, we can all agree that it's too much because there's no improvement at all. She is just as irresponsible. But because I am determined to finish this series of books, I am focusing on her feelings and relationships with people around her.

I guess this rule applies in life too, focus on things that keep you moving.


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