Shopaholic and Sister (2004)


Here's a part that I love from their honeymoon that's mentioned in the Shopaholic and sister:

“Material possessions aren’t important to me,” I say breathlessly. “All that matters to me is yoga.”“You have found your path.” Chandra smiles.
“This man is a merchant. He asks if any of you are interested in gems. Necklaces, cheap bracelets. I tell him your minds are on higher things.”“Aquamarine pendant with platinum chain,” Chandra continues dismissively. “How does this compare to the radiance of inner enlightenment?”Aquamarine?Wow. I wonder how much—
“Three-carat setting, five-carat setting, he keeps saying. All half price.” Chandra shakes his head. “I tell him, these people are not interested.”
“But something’s wrong. I don’t feel contentment. I don’t feel tranquillity. The oddest feeling is welling up inside me, driving everything else out. It’s getting stronger and stronger . . .
And suddenly I can’t contain it anymore. Before I know what’s happening, I’m running in my bare feet as fast as I can up the hill toward the tiny figure. My lungs are burning, my feet are smarting, and the sun’s beating down on my bare head, but I don’t stop until I’ve reached the crest of the hill. I come to a halt and look around, panting.
I don’t believe it. He’s gone. Where did he vanish to?
I stand for a few moments, regaining my breath, peering in all directions. But I can’t see him anywhere.
At last, feeling a little dejected, I turn and make my way back down the hillside to the group. As I get near I realize they’re all shouting and waving at me. Oh God. Am I in trouble?
Never trust a shopaholic words.

But to the content of this book:

Before heading back home, Luke says to make a stop at Milan for a meeting. While Luke’s away for his meeting, Becky went shopping and come across the angel bag (the way she exaggerates & describes the bag really makes me google to see if the bag exists and what it looks like. Lol). However there’s a waitlist for the bag, but Becky really wants the bag and a guy, a hotelier, helped Becky to skip the waitlist and in return Becky owes him a favour now. Personally, I never like the idea of owing someone a HUGE favour, cause what if you are asked to do the undoable?

Becky is finally back in London ready to surprise all her loved ones. However, they are not reacting like Becky has expected and she's disappointed. Especially when she found out that Suze has a new best friend, Lulu. She tries to connect with Lulu but it's not working because she doesn't have a child. So she decided to stop contacting Suze because she was spending time with Lulu instead of her.

Becky also found out that she has a sister, Jess, from another mother. Even her dad doesn't know about her existence as apparently, the relationship ended before the discovery of the pregnancy. Jess's appearance is due to a medical condition that she feels obliged to share with close family members.

Becky tried so hard to connect with Jess, but Jess is not reciprocating and they are the exact opposite, Jess is thrifty, hates to shop and she's an activist. Eventually, they fall out because they could no longer stand each other and Jess says that she might not be her sister after all because her mum did have quite a few relationships back then and Jess has yet done the DNA test with her dad.

However, a trip to Jess's house (while she's not in) confirms she is definitely her sister. She knows that Jess is going on a hike and she is determined to find Jess even though she's not in the right gear. The weather worsens on her hike up. Can you imagine her hiking in kitten heels, with her angel bag? Thinking about it hurts so back, I mean firstly it has been a long time since I'm in heels and hiking in normal shoes is though. You just got to take your hat off to this lady here, the determination she has.

Meanwhile, do you remember the huge favour that Becky owes? Turns out Luke got to return the favour in her place and he isn't pleased with it because his impression of the hotelier ain't great. That causes tension between the couple.

As you can see from the length of the review, you would have noticed that I love this book the most, so far. There's a lot more extension to her life instead of just her shopping habits that's always the cause of the issue. Okay, I take back my words, buying the Angel did get her husband into something is he reluctant to do.

But do you think her relationship with Suze & Jess will turn for the better? Initially, I included Luke in the question but, Luke loves her.


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