Mini Shopaholic (2010)

As a mother, you MIGHT get overprotective of your daughter and will spoil her because she's your gem. You will see how Becky reacts when people are making comments that her daughter, Minnie, is spoilt.

As children, sometimes we feel that our parents are getting us to do things that they wished that they could have done it themselves. Becky made a promise to Luke that she will not buy any more clothes but what excuse have she found to shop?

Here's a summary of events:

Minnie, the daughter of Becky, is bright and uncontrollable. Her daughter was banned from 3 Santa's events. Some thought that Minnie was spoilt, she would get what she wants.

Elinor (Luke's mum) came to the UK and requested to see Minnie. As Luke is not on good terms with his mum, Becky got secretly bring Minnie to Elinor.

Becky organizing a surprise birthday party for Luke. However, the bank crushes, leaving everyone in panic and cutting back from spending. This means Becky had to do it with a tight budget, leading her to banter for stuff but ended up giving her items for free instead. Additionally, no one believes that Becky can organize such a huge party and offer her help which she rejects all. She has met with many problems along the way but the final straw is when Luke have a meeting in Paris on his birthday. She broke down.

But if you have read the previous books, you would have guessed who can make it all happen and this time, she is not looking for anything reward in return, like what happened with the wedding. This is her statement: “If I went down, if I was to make myself known as benefactor, I would have done it for myself.” She turns and regards me evenly, her eyes giving nothing away. “As you said so clearly, an unconditional act does not require reward.”

What has Becky said that made her say this statement, that's for you to find out.


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