Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery (2013)

I tried, I really did.

(I started this book on the 22 dec. It's now 28 dec and I'm not even halfway through the book)

I think it will be so much easier to read without the overly descriptive words and it’s also a waste of time reading a book with no outcome to me. So I stopped after I know the background of the girls, which the author did gives us a deep insight to their life, what happened to the girls before they will found as skeleton. And knowing the police did nothing even when the girls are reported missing or called for help, just because of their jobs, turns me off.

I don’t understand the people reading something without an ending. What are they expecting from the book? Do they think they will be able to pick up pieces from the book and somehow solve the case?

Anyway, I guess I would rather watch this as a documentary.


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