Hello Nico - Flower (花)

The piano opening was enough to pull me in, as I swayed my head gently while deciding to pull out a virtual document to write. I wrote about you, like how I wrote about her, but this time I wrote about the sadness of you, not knowing that I love you more than her. I was a bittersweet dream with you, as I could see your smile fading into grey.

"我只是想 和你玩耍";
We just want to be here, with no intention to hurt, but yet we ended up bleeding, hugging each other, as our wounds loop inbetween healing, scars entwining each other like our arms, not willing to let each other go.

"你曾说 曾经你说过 我藏着秘密
我不够透明 我不够真心";
You never know how real I am, I was, we are, we were.
It was a roller coaster with you, as I went through the extreme ends of the spectrums of my emotions. This song hits me really hard, as Hello Nico pulled me along the half burn reels that I kept at the back of my pocket. The memory reels that I thought I should've burnt but took it back when I decided to keep you.

"花 请原谅我吧
在无意中 我让你那么受伤";
and I'm sorry to have hurt you, to see you cry, to see you hate yourself.
And I have to let you go, so I can see you smile and be happy again... From afar (:
花 请原谅我吧...'

P.S. I really love the aesthetics of the MV


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