Five Total Strangers (2020)


I'm halfway through now and I'm thinking, if this is on the TV, it will be over in an hour. I have spent like 5hrs reading how 5 strangers chose to skip flights back to their home because flights were cancelled and they are all rushing to get home to celebrate Xmas

 Along the way, they have avoided a crush miraculously, each of them taking turns losing something and running away from a gas station owner and son cause they have no cash to pay for the gas and the credit card machine is down which also resulted in an accident with them.

Now I'm predicting some of these events has something to do with the letters addressed to Mira, the writer of the letter seems like a stalker to me. These letters appear after certain chapters. This is probably the only thing now that's keeping me turning the pages.


Now that I'm done with the book and I can be confirmed that if this is on TV, I would have turned this off. It's too slow and draggy. The real excitement or thrill is only in the last chapter of the book and it lasted for a few minutes.

I can see how the story kinda makes sense in real life but, no thanks.


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