Eight Perfect Murders (2020)


Review by Starriehime

This is my first Murder Mystery genre book and I found it quite hard to keep up with the book. It was a relative fast read, but it was a little confusing until towards the end of the book, when it was more clear on who the culprit was for the killings. It was probably the writer’s intention to confuse the reader to make it more drawn into reading the book completely, but there is lots of information to be digested in order to get a good idea of what’s going on inside the story itself.

It was interesting to see that other books were being mentioned in a book itself, with a small introduction to each and every one of the books that were mentioned. This list of books that was written by the main character, who is a bookworm himself, was something that was quite new and is something that I have never seen before. Overall, I do enjoy reading the book, but it was a little bit confusing and hard to understand and is a book that I will definitely take my time to re-read again.


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