Confessions of a Shopaholic (2003)

Confessions of a Shopaholic is about a girl, Rebecca Bloomwood, in her 20s who works in London as a financial journalist so you would expect she really good at managing her finance, but is she?

This book is relatable to me because I'm also in the finance field and I love to shop but there's something very distinctively that sets as apart. She's always in denial, what causes her denial, how does she denies and what eventually happened? I guess, that's for you to find out because that's what kept me turning pages. The denial that she is in frustrates me and at times, I wished that I am her friend so I could wake her up.

How many lies does she have to come up with to hide her financial status from her roommate, Suze, who is also her best friend and the relationship that she have with her banker from her parents? What does she do to bills that she have received? What impact does it have to her job? The answer to these questions are all in it and I'm not surprised that someone like her do exist in the real world.

This book is definitely for people for are into light stuff and if you love to shop I don't see why you won't be hooked because you might probably see yourself in there and at parts, wished that you were or were not her.


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