Christmas Shopaholic (2019)

This is the last book of the Shopaholic series, from what I've known, Sophie Kinsella came out from retirement just for this book.

I would say this book is kinda similar to Mini Shopaholic, as Becky is tasked to host the Xmas Party. However, the relationships conflict in this book is more intense than that and the anxiety level is higher than that as all the individuals have different requests and Becky tried so hard to please everyone. You will feel the love that Becky have for everyone around her, it's overwhelming and it moved me to tears.

It's a good book for the Holiday season. If I have my own place, I would love to host a Xmas Party for all my family and friends, because they are a part of me.

I also appreciate YOU for taking the time to read my not so great review.

Reading this also inspires me to read more books relating to this Holiday season.
So do check back and thanks again for the time taken.


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